Fever & The Royal Opera of Madrid present Fever & The Royal Opera of Madrid present
The event is now closed but we are touring in other cities. Witness the raw power of the captivating Spanish art form.
Tickets will be released on Thursday, October 6th at 12 p.m.
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info-1 - Authentic Flamenco in Dallas: A Traditional Spanish Show

The Experience

Breathtaking Spanish art form

Flamenco is an expression of passion and emotion; with it, the feelings that make us human are honored and celebrated. Whether you’re an avid flamenco lover or just seeing it for the first time, there’s no better, more authentic way to witness firsthand the raw power of this captivating Spanish art form.
info-1 - Authentic Flamenco in Dallas: A Traditional Spanish Show

The Royal Opera of Madrid

Admire the jaw-dropping production by the Royal Opera of Madrid, the most important performing arts institution in Spain. In 2019, it was awarded the best opera company in the world by the International Opera Awards, and you will find out why at Authentic Flamenco. With songs and dances that travelled from Spain to Latin America and back, experience a vibrant show full of sensibility and powerful images.

Award-Winning Artists from Spain

  • Amador Rojas (dancer)

    Born in Seville in 1980, has been dancing since he was 7. Both a choreographer and dancer, he has a very personal vision of dance. At the age of 16 he started his international career, and has had the opportunity to learn and share the stage with the most important representatives and families of the flamenco art, including the Montoyas, Manuela Carrasco, Antonio Canales, and many others. Amador received the Revelation Artist Award at the Biennial of Seville, and in 2010 he received The Golden Lyre Musicianship Award.
  • Yolanda Osuna (dancer)

    Born in Córdoba in 1981, stepped on stage for the first time at the age of 5. She has a degree in Spanish dance and completed her training with important artists such as Javier Latorre, Matilde Coral, Blanca del Rey, among others. Yolanda has received many awards throughout the years and has participated in the most prestigious flamenco theaters and festivals both in Spain and abroad.
  • José Tomás Jiménez (guitar)

    Born in Ciudad Real in 1988, has won many awards for solo guitar over the years. He has also accompanied the singing and dancing of outstanding artists, including Rafael de Utrera, Rocío Márquez, Eduardo Guerrero, and many others.
  • Manu Soto (singer)

    Born in Cádiz in 1984, has been touring internationally for many years. He comes from a family of artists from the world of flamenco such as José Mercé (uncle and godfather), Manuel Soto “El Sordera de Jerez”, Vicente Soto, among others.
  • Bernardo Miranda (singer)

    Born in Córdoba in 1988, has been closely linked to the Peña El Mirabrás in his hometown, where he started and trained as a cantaor, and has won many prizes for his singing skills.
  • Sergio de Lope (flute and saxophone)

    Born in Córdoba in 1985, has a degree in flamencology. He won the “Filón” award for the Best Flamenco Instrumentalist, was selected as an emerging musician of the Mediterranean, and has performed at many prestigious festivals, venues and theaters alongside important artists.
  • Lolo Plantón (percussion)

    Born in Córdoba, comes from one of the most flamenco families in Cordoba with a long line of artists, including his flamenco singer father, José Antonio Plantón Moreno “El Calli”. Lolo is currently considered as one of the most sought-after percussionists on the flamenco scene.

Practical Info

  1. Date: From Nov 11th to Nov 20th
  2. Time: From Friday to Sunday, various sessions throughout the day
  3. Duration: 65-80 minutes
  4. Location: Edison’s - 1724 Cockrell Ave, Dallas, TX 75215, United States
  5. Age requirement: All Ages.
  6. Price: $39.90 per person
Authentic Flamenco in Dallas: A Traditional Spanish Show


Edison’s - 1724 Cockrell Ave
United States
TX 75215


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