The show has left Boston! We hope you enjoyed it! The show has left Boston! We hope you enjoyed it!
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  • By The Royal
    Opera of Madrid
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Authentic Flamenco Boston

Flamenco is an expression of passion and emotion; with it, the feelings that make us human are honored and celebrated. Whether you’re an avid flamenco lover or just seeing it for the first time, there’s no better, more authentic way to witness firsthand the raw power of this captivating Spanish art form.

A man dancing flamenco at the Authentic Flamenco show in Boston - Authentic Flamenco Boston: A Traditional Spanish Show

The Royal Opera of Madrid

Admire the jaw-dropping production by the Royal Opera of Madrid, the most important performing arts institution in Spain. In 2019, it was awarded the best opera company in the world by the International Opera Awards, and you will find out why at Authentic Flamenco. Experience a vibrant show full of sensibility and powerful images.
A man from the Royal Opera of Madrid dancing flamenco - Authentic Flamenco Boston: A Traditional Spanish Show

Award-winning artists from Spain

Originating in Spain and from the producers SO-LA-NA, this special show brings together award-winning professionals for an unforgettable performance with stunning vocals, instruments, and dances.
A man from the Royal Opera of Madrid dancing flamenco - Authentic Flamenco Boston: A Traditional Spanish Show

Amador Rojas

This flamenco dancer from Sevilla has been awarded with the Artist Revelation Award at La Bienal de Sevilla, and The Golden Lyre Musicianship Award. He has had the opportunity to learn from and share a stage with some of the most important artists and flamenco families in the world. Now he’s performing on international tablaos in the Authentic Flamenco tour along with other renowned artists such as Nazaret Reyes, Rubén Campos, José Aser, Juan Carrasco, and Felipe Maya, amongst others.

Authentic Flamenco Reviews

See what other people say about the show!

  • Johnny T.

    “Mesmerizing I was transfixed from beginning to end I didn't want to get up for fear of missing out on something it's beautiful to watch art come to life!”

  • Grace L.

    “Excellent performance! Highly skilled dancers, singers, instrumentalists with wonderful energy! The only thing that might have made it better (for me) was something like a song sheet (or projection on the proscenium) of English translations of the lyrics.”

  • Jackson K.

    “It was an emotional performance full of passion, talent and art! It was a dream to bring this to my wife and bring her childhood memories to live again!”

  • Kate F.

    “Best Flamenco we’ve ever seen even in Spain! Spectacular, riveting, captivating, unforgettable. THANK YOU!”

  • Monica P.

    “Beautiful and full of emotions performance. It made you want to dance, sing and stomp with them.”

  • Richard J.

    “Absolutely fantastic!! Had such a great time!”

  • Felix F.

    “Wow, wow, wow, the show was amazing. Every entertainer was fantastic, from the musicians and the singers to the extraordinary dancing couple.”

  • Jess L.

    “Excellent show. Truly enjoyed it Brought me back to my time in southern Spain.”

Practical Info

  1. Date: July 5–7, 2024
  2. Opening hours: Friday-Sunday, various sessions - Doors will open 60 minutes before the starting time
  3. Duration: the show is around 65 minutes long. For VIP and VIP+ ticket holders the experience will be around 90 minutes long with the meet & greet with the artists at the end of the show.
  4. Location: The Regent Theatre, 7 Medford St, Arlington, MA 02474, United States
  5. Age requirement: all ages are welcome! Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  6. Accessibility: the venue is ADA compliant
  7. Price: Ticket prices will start at $44.00
Authentic Flamenco Boston: A Traditional Spanish Show


The Regent Theatre

7 Medford St, Arlington
Boston, United States
MA 02474


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